LinkedIn Tips for Business

By 7 July, 2017Blog

Want to improve your LinkedIn profile? It’s a great idea. After all, lots of small businesses are using LinkedIn to attract customers.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business networking. At 3,600,000 users in Australia, LinkedIn is an undeniably popular way for businesses to get social and online. So how does your business ensure it put its best foot forward on LinkedIn?  The answer is to make sure you are optimising each section of your profile.

Top tips for putting your business’ best foot forward:

1. ensure your profile photo is of high quality

2. have a strategy in place for how you will use the platform

3. know who it is you are targeting

4. write an engaging bio for your company (or for yourself)

5. connect, connect, connect (add people in to your LinkedIn network)

6. engage your followers with relevant content

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